Message from the police chief

On 1 January 2002, your new police zone came into legal existence. The old municipal police and the gendarmerie merged to form the local police, the level closest to the citizen in the new policing landscape.

With its doors open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, your local police are there to listen to you and serve you.

With the help of all my coworkers, I hope to provide you with a responsible police force, made up of men and women particularly driven by
- integrity and impartiality;

- respect for everyone's individual rights and freedoms;
- the desire to show transparency and to be accountable for their actions.

As a fundamental player in the integrated security function, the local police in Waterloo consider it to be their principal task, under the responsibility of the competent authorities, to act as a public service which contributes to the quality of life within the districts, placing particular importance on:
- fighting and beating crime;
- promoting public tranquillity and healthy conditions;
- managing mobility.

The Waterloo police want to do all this while being guided by a philosophy of proximity policing, characterised notably by the following principles:
- the implementation of a territorialised organisation relying among others on the proximity policing work and subtle polyvalence;
- an approach based on anticipation (proactivity) and prevention (in the broad sense);
- an integral and integrated approach in partnership with the citizens, the authorities and the various associations and institutions concerned;
- the desire to put the citizen at the very heart of their concerns and to seek suitable solutions;
- particular attention to crimes affecting life within the districts.

The police chief
Jean-Pierre HENIN
Chief superintendent of police