The Police are at your service

The Police are at your service

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Tel: 02/352 98 00 - 24 hours a day

According to a KUL study, Waterloo should have 64 police officers to ensure the correct operation of its police zone. Today there are already 76 police officers and 12 civilians active in the municipality.

In 2003, the new local police building was also inaugurated. It brings together all the forces of order under one roof and facilitates their work.

Administrative addresses

NAME Waterloo Police Zone
Address Rue François Libert, 28
Post code 1410
Municipality Waterloo
Telephone 02/352 98 00
Fax 02/353 19 93
District Nivelles

Burgomaster: Florence Reuter - Rue François Libert, 28 -
Tel: 02/352.98.23 Fax: 02/352.98.74

Police chief: Michel Vandewalle - Rue François Libert, 28 -
Tel: 02/352.98.50 Fax: 02/353.19.93 

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