Has your property been tagged?

Has your property been tagged?

Do you want it cleaned up?

The Municipality will clean it free of charge!

The proliferation of tags and graffiti in our streets is very troublesome. House fronts and other surfaces are being damaged, and our residents are being made to feel insecure.

The Municipal College is very concerned about this problem and anxious to make Waterloo a tag-free zone, so it has acquired a machine to clean off urban graffiti and give all our citizens back a pleasant environment to live in.

Any Waterloo citizen who has been the victim of tagging can now call on the Municipality, which will clean off the tagged surface free of charge [*].

Removing tags from your building – what to do: :

General points
The Municipality of Waterloo offers to clean your private property which is visible from the public highway. Action will be taken only with the owner’s consent. An agreement will be signed between the two parties.

To tackle the proliferation of tags and the degradation of the urban landscape.

You need to apply to the Eco advice service, using the attached form. You will be asked to sign an agreement with the Municipality, which will supply you with the rules in this matter.

Service éco-conseil
Administration communale de Waterloo
Rue François Libert 28
1410 Waterloo
Tel. : 02/352.99.14
Fax : 02/354.76.61
E-mail :ecoconseil@waterloo.eu

[*] The Municipality reserves the right to refuse to remove tags on certain private properties.

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