Grant for buying a compost maker

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Waterloo residents can now claim a grant of € 15 if they buy a compost maker or a compost bin. The grant is paid on the basis of an invoice submitted within three months to the municipal administration. For example, if you bought your compost maker in January you must claim for it by the end of March.

As we all know, the cost of waste disposal is constantly rising. The Walloon Region requires municipalities to pass on this cost to the citizens. So to avoid having to pay more, the only solution is to reduce the amount of waste being thrown away.

To help in achieving this, the municipality is now giving a grant towards the purchase of a compost bin or compost maker. Any resident can apply, but there is a limit of one grant per household.
The grant is a fixed sum of € 15.

Organic waste accounts for 30% by volume and 50% by weight of what is in our rubbish bags. Composting it therefore significantly reduces the amount of waste and thus the number of rubbish bags.
Material that can be composted includes the following: vegetable waste, lawn clippings, potato peelings, fruit and vegetable skins, house plants, tea leaves (including bags), coffee grounds with the filter paper, dead leaves, kitchen paper, eggshells and newspaper.

The grant will be paid on production of the original receipt stating the exact type of compost maker or bin.

Remember that you must apply within three months of the invoice date. A form available from the Eco advice service must also be completed.

Another advantage is that the grant can also be paid for the replacement of the compost maker or compost bin after 5 years of use.

Information: 02/352.99.14

Download the form to apply for a grant96.34 KB
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