General Secretariat

Apart from sorting and distributing the mail, the General Secretariat deals with the following:

  • Updating the registers at the deliberations of the Municipal Council and the College of Aldermen and convening these bodies;
  • Supervising the CPAS;
  • Supervising the Church Fabrics;
  • Updating the records;
  • The insurance policies taken out by the Municipality (recovery of damage caused to municipal property);
  • Collections and raffles;
  • The occupation of municipal and school premises by various groups;
  • The contracts relating to office machinery;
  • The management of the files of honorary distinctions;
  • Contacts with the inter-municipal associations in which the Municipality is involved and associated;
  • Nursery, primary and arts schools: appointment of teachers and music teachers.

Tel.: 02/352.98.11
1st floor
From 8 am to 11.30 am