Political Affairs

Florence Reuter

In charge of Works and Public Cleanliness, Spatial Planning, Police and Personnel.
Secrétariat : 32 2. 352 98 23

Yves Vander Cruysen

Civil servant. In charge of Culture, Tourism, Information, Population, Animate Seniors, Cults and Festivities.

Dominique Ferier-Jans

In charge of the Family, Little Children, Equal Opportunities, Prevention and Health Policy Seniors and Ceremonies.
General: 32 2. 352 98 82
Festivals and Ceremonies: 32 2. 352 99 16


In charge of Urban Planning, Sustainable Development, Energy, Agriculture, Mobility, Road Safety and New Technologies.
Secrétariat: + 32.2.352.98.05

Alain Schlösser

In charge of Sports, International Relations and Development Cooperation.
Secrétariat :02/352 99 63

Brian Grillmaier

In charge of Trade, Youth, Communal Education, Middle Classes, Communal Celebrations and Artistic Education.
Secrétariat: 32 2. 352 98 61

Etienne Verdin

In charge of Municipal Finance, Housing and Employment.
Secrétariat: 32 2. 352 37 11

Fernand Flabat

The Director General is appointed by the Board. Under the control of the College, the Director General is at the top of the administrative pyramid and is the main interlocutor between the political authority and administration. The Director General is responsible for preparing the meetings of the College and of the Council, draft the minutes and ensure implementation. In compliance with the instructions of the College, the Director General is also the chief of staff and the head of internal control; he works in collaboration with the CFO and Member of the Executive Committee which he chairs.
Tel.: 02/352.98.11