Agence locale pour l’Emploi (ALE) de Waterloo asbl/Local employment agency in Waterloo


In order to promote the socio-professional placement of the long-term unemployed and people receiving the 'revenu d’intégration', the ALE applies three types of actions: activities, training courses and information.

1. Activities:
The ALE's task is on the one hand to satisfy needs not being covered by the regular circuits of work, and on the other to respond to the demand for employment from the long-term unemployed and those receiving the 'revenu d’intégration' or social welfare. To that end, the ALE facilitates contacts between physical persons or bodies needing help, and people wishing to provide ALE services.

2. Training courses:
Another of the tasks of the ALE is to organise training courses for the people registered with the ALE.

3. Information:
The third role played by the ALE is an information role, relating at present to the Activa Plan, which seeks to find new jobs for job-seekers in the normal work circuit by granting the employer financial advantages.

In addition, the ALE publicises the job vacancies from the Forem. 

Consultation times

The ALE is open every day from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 11.30 am.
In the afternoon, the offices are accessible by appointment only.

Telephone: 02/352.99.55, 02/352.99.56
1st floor

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