A public service open to all the population.
Close to you, at your side, for you, a team of professionals is at your disposal to welcome you, listen to you and advise you, in complete confidentiality.

The social service

This service provides you with:
- full advice and useful information to help you get what you are entitled to;
- psycho-social, moral or educational guidance;
- material aid in the most appropriate form;
- social aid;
- medical aid;
- psychological aid.

Telephone: 02/352 37 12

The family and elderly aid service

This service can help you if necessary with:
- shopping;
- household maintenance tasks;
- laundry and ironing;
- preparing meals;
- service vouchers;
- transport;
- going out for a walk, etc.

This service also delivers meals on wheels every working day.

Telephone: 02/352 36 40 and 02/352 36 45

The housing service

This service can help you with:
- finding a home;
- paying a rental guarantee;
- housing allocation.

Telephone: 02/352 37 12

‘Le Gibloux’ rest home and rest and care home

* This provides a complete home for elderly people aged 60 and over, offering entertainment, creative workshops, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, pedicures, hairdressing, etc.
* For those who are still mobile, it provides:
- single bedrooms;
- furnished flats for couples;
- unfurnished apartments and studios.
* For the disabled, it provides furnished rooms sleeping 4, 2 or 1 person/s.

Telephone: 02/352 36 23

The ‘Centre de rencontres’

This recent addition allows people to attend entertainment or workshops organised as part of the activities run by ‘Le Gibloux’ rest home.

Telephone: 02/352 37 55

 Legal and Administrative Aid Centre

A lawyer and a notaire will be on hand on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Appointments may be made by telephone on 02/352 37 11. These consultations may be free or cost anything up to € 12.50 depending on income.

Remember that the lawyers from the Nivelles Bar are also in attendance on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 5 pm.

Chemin du Bon Dieux de Gibloux, 26
Tel: 02/352 35 11

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