Office of the Alderman for Employment

All year round, the Office of the Alderman for Employment sets up various actions designed to support job-seekers with their formalities and search for information.

The Maison de l’Emploi

In late 2005, the new Maison de l'Emploi opened its doors. This is a sort of decentralised unit of the Forem. It provides assistance and resources for job-seekers as well as employers, students, workers, etc, and also hosts all the municipality’s employment stakeholders.

This issue is the fruit of close collaboration between many partners including the Municipality of Waterloo, the CPAS of Waterloo and the Forem.

This establishment is based at chaussée de Bruxelles, 436.

The Office of the Alderman for Employment conducts various one-off actions

Internet training courses
Several occasional Internet training courses are offered to job-seekers.

Action conducted among students
'Like the first day in a company', an information session designed for sixth-form students at Waterloo schools, during which the students are in direct contact with business leaders.

Telephone: 02/352.99.63
2nd floor
from 8 am to 11.30 am 

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